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Report Finds Mistreatment of Workers Building NYU Abu Dhabi Campus

Rasha Faek | 21 Apr 2015

An investigation found abuses of some workers employed by subcontractors at New York University’s campus in Abu Dhabi.

Conflict Politics Students

Yemen’s Students Idled by Saudi Air Attacks

Faisal Darem | 18 Apr 2015

The Saudi-led operation in Yemen has shut down schools and universities and left some of them in ruins.

Curriculum Politics Teaching

Arab Classrooms Frequently Ignore History

Benjamin Plackett | 10 Mar 2015

Lebanon’s classrooms often skip a half century of history, a case study of what happens elsewhere in the region.

Politics Students

Student Union Elections Canceled in Egyptian Universities

Mai Shams El-Din | 03 Mar 2015

Government officials say student elections can’t be held due to a legal technicality. Students say that is outrageous.

Conflict Politics Refugees

To Be Syrian and a Professor: Recipe for Tragedy

Wassim Abdo | 06 Feb 2015

Syrian academics can stay in their country at great risk, or flee to potential unemployment elsewhere.

Politics Students

Tunisia’s Student Unions Should Stay Out of Politics

Mohamed Abdel Salam | 28 Jan 2015

Tunisian student unions need to fight for on-campus freedoms of their members and avoid national politics, the author argues.


The Stupor of Rhinos and the Emigration of Birds

Belal Fadl | 10 Oct 2014

Some of the best Egyptian minds are fleeing the country at a time when the country needs them most, the author argues.

Academic Freedom Administration Politics

The Man in Cairo University’s Hot Seat

Mohamed Elmeshad | 12 Sep 2014

The president of one of the largest universities in the world came into power during one of the institution’s most difficult times.

Academic Freedom Administration Politics

Don’t Let Egyptian University Appointments Become a Political Game

Ahmed Abd Rabou | 16 Jul 2014

Egyptian President’s plans to appoint university heads is a total abuse of the constitution, the author argues.

Academic Freedom Administration Politics

Egyptian President to Appoint Key University Administrators

Nadine El Sayed, Sarah Lynch | 27 Jun 2014

The new Egyptian leader is going to make even more academic appointments than former president Hosni Mubarak did.

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