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Turkey Offers Refuge to Expelled Egyptian Students

Amr EL-Tohamy | 15 Dec 2015

After being thrown out of Egyptian universities because of their political activities, many Egyptian students have headed to Turkey to pursue their education.

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Student Elections Reflect Egypt’s Muffled Political Life

Ahmed ElShamy | 29 Nov 2015

Student elections have been a quiet affair this fall as students have begun to shy away from politics.

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Muslim Students in Europe Brace for Post-Attack Backlash

Aida Alami, Mihret Yohannes | 24 Nov 2015

After the Paris attacks, Muslim students fear that terrorism will be confused with their religion.

Academic Freedom Architecture Politics

Arab Universities Often Silent in Debates on Public Space

Ursula Lindsey | 24 Nov 2015

Academic architecture departments are absent from important political discussions of the built environment in the Arab world, argues the author.

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Palestinian Political Divisions Play Out at Birzeit University

Asma' Jawabreh | 12 Nov 2015

The split between opposing factions in Palestine, Fatah and Hamas, is surfacing in ugly ways at the university in the West Bank, students say.

Health & Medicine Politics Protests Students

Moroccan Medical Students Block Imposition of Compulsory Work

Khalid Aitnasser | 10 Nov 2015

Medical students’ protests stopped the Ministry of Health’s attempt to make it mandatory for students to work in remote areas after graduation.

Curriculum Extremism Politics Terrorism

To Get Rid of Extremism in Egyptian Education, Understand Its Roots

Hania Sobhy | 06 Nov 2015

Only after exploring the long history of religious involvement in education can policymakers understand how to root extremism out, the author argues.

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Mauritanian TV Hopes to Make Up for the Scarcity of Professors

Dah Yacoub | 29 Sep 2015

Mauritania is starting a television channel aimed at university students early next year.

Conflict Politics Students Terrorism

Arab Students in Israel Say Their Voices are Muffled

Asma' Jawabreh | 07 Aug 2015

Palestinian students say they fear for their safety when they protest politically on Israeli campuses.

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In Jordan, Students Say University Freedom is Moving Backwards

Ezz Eldeen Al Natour | 01 Aug 2015

Students say universities have used security threats as an excuse to restrict their freedom to protest.

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