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Inequality Politics Refugees Scholarships Students

U.N. Outlines 15 Steps for Helping Refugees Access Higher Education

Tarek Abd El-Galil | 12 Jun 2022

A recent policy paper from two U.N. agencies has 15 recommendations for host countries on how to help refugees surmount barriers to higher education.

Development Employment Finances Politics Students

How to Secure a Job in a Changing Labour Market

Hatem Kenawi | 04 Jun 2022

It’s understandable that students may be anxious about how to find a job these days. Here are some practical ideas about how to get started.

Employment Politics Quality Control Students

New U.K. Visa Aims to Attract Graduates of Top-Ranked Universities

Gilgamesh Nabeel | 31 May 2022

Some academics say the new visa pathway is “deeply inequitable” because it relies on international rankings that disfavour universities in poor countries.

Development Finances Inequality Internationalization Politics

Not Enough Philanthropists in the Arab World, Says Founder of the Alexandria Trust

Tim Arlott | 28 May 2022

Salah Khalil, a London-based Egyptian businessman and philanthropist, cites a mismatch between Arab wealth and Arab giving.

Development Internationalization Politics

Saudi University Comes in 4th Globally in Attaining U.N. Goals, Forum Hears

Tim Arlott | 27 May 2022

King Abdulaziz University’s achievement shows that universities can help meet the sustainable-development goals, education thought leaders are told.

Development Employment Internationalization Politics

Arab World Underinvests in Digital Economy, Says Arab Academic Leader

Tim Arlott | 26 May 2022

Arab countries must invest more in the digital economy, the head of the Association of Arab Universities told a London conference.

Critical Thinking Employment Finances Politics Students

Preparing for Future Jobs: U.A.E. Event Explores Changes Ahead for Education

Ismail Alashwal | 24 May 2022

The Education Interface Exhibition brings together institutions, experts and students to discuss the skills graduates will need for future jobs and professions.

Conflict Human Rights Politics Students

Hamas-Affiliated Bloc Wins Birzeit University Student Elections

Ismail Alashwal | 19 May 2022

Student elections are watched with wide interest in Palestine, where the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority has not allowed any parliamentary elections since 2006.

Critical Thinking Human Rights Politics Protests Students

Lebanese Students Campaigned for Change in Parliamentary Vote

Samar Kadi | 15 May 2022

Lebanon’s recent parliamentary elections gave young people a chance to show their fervor for ousting a political class they see as corrupt.

Gender Inequality Politics Schools Students

Boys Are at Greater Risk of Dropping Out of School, Unesco Warns

Tarek Abd El-Galil | 13 Apr 2022

A recent Unesco report documents a global increase in boys’ disengagement from education and calls on governments to confront the problem.

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