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Lessons from Finland: A Conversation with Pasi Sahlberg

Nelly El Zayat | 06 May 2014

A Finnish education expert with experience in the Arab world suggests a less elitist and test-centric approach to education.


Global Higher Education’s Winners and Losers

| 03 May 2014

More than one thousand leaders of international education from over 70 countries met at the British Council’s annual ‘Going Global’ conference last week.

Arabic Internationalization

Arabic is Blooming—in the United States

| 14 Apr 2014

Arabic programs are becoming more popular at American universities—surpassing some traditionally favored languages.

Critical Thinking Finances Internationalization Students

A Path Into Elite U.S. Universities for a Few Arab Students

Sarah Lynch | 14 Apr 2014

A handful of American institutions consider international applicants without checking their finances.

Internationalization Profiles Quality Control Research Teaching

A Conversation with the Head of the Association of Arab Universities

| 07 Feb 2014

Sultan Abu-Orabi, secretary general of a higher-education association, talks about the region’s challenges and opportunities.

Internationalization Students

Top European Destinations for Arab Students

Mohamed Elmeshad | 27 Jan 2014

European countries are less well known as international-student recruiters, but some countries are potent competitors.


North America is Becoming a More Popular Destination for Arab Students

Mohamed Elmeshad | 29 Nov 2013

More Arab students are heading to North America, while their numbers are dropping in the United Kingdom and sinking like a stone in Australia.

Internationalization Research

U. of Alexandria Seeks to be a Pocket of Excellence

Sarah Lynch | 18 Nov 2013

In tough political and financial times, the university in the premier industrial area in Egypt is forging ahead with research, development and international partnerships.

Internationalization Students

Video: Number of Saudi Students in the U.S. Jumps Up

Burton Bollag | 16 Nov 2013

A rising number of Saudi Arabian students study at colleges and universities in the United States, reports a Washington correspondent for Al-Fanar Media.

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