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Internationalization Students Study Abroad

Some Arab Youth Study Abroad Close to Home

Sarah Lynch | 26 May 2015

Increasingly, some Arab students prefer universities within the region rather than in Europe or the United States.

Internationalization Technology & Online Learning

How Educators Could Help Journalists—and Themselves

David Wheeler | 18 May 2015

The editor of Al-Fanar Media suggests ways that universities and education ministries could do a better job of sharing information.

Arabic Internationalization Teaching

To Make the World a Better Place, Teach Arabic

Brian T. Edwards | 18 May 2015

Learning the Arabic language can play a crucial role in achieving peace.

Internationalization Students

Egypt’s Bid for International Students Raises Eyebrows

Sara Mohammed Ibrahim | 04 May 2015

Egypt plan to promote itself as an international education hub elicits skepticism, although some think it could succeed in the Arab and African markets.

Administration Curriculum Faculty Internationalization Quality Control Rankings

What will 2015 Mean for Arab Universities?

Wagdy Sawahel | 22 Jan 2015

Scholars and administrators interested in Arab higher education review the past year and look ahead in 2015.

Administration Internationalization

Egyptian University Presidents Consider More Outreach

| 04 Dec 2014

At a meeting, speakers discussed how to promote internal dialogue and build institutional connections to international institutions and employers.

Administration Internationalization Profiles

A Conversation with Ayoub Kazim: Dubai as an Education Destination

Sarah Lynch | 13 Oct 2014

The managing director of the company that hosts what may be the world’s largest number of branch campuses talks about the history and future of the educational model.

Administration Internationalization

United Arab Emirates’ Experiments with Branch Campuses Have Mixed Results

| 13 Oct 2014

The UAE is home to the world’s largest collection of branch campuses. But with uneven quality control, interested students would be wise to do thorough research.

Internationalization Students

Studies Help Parents Weigh Educational Cost Versus Quality

| 08 Oct 2014

Australia ranked the most expensive destination for international students: The United Kingdom and the United States rated high for quality.

Internationalization Study Abroad

A London Glimpse of Libyan Higher Education

Mohamed Elmeshad | 17 Jun 2014

A meeting on Libyan universities revealed the difficulties they face as they recuperate from extended isolation.

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