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Internationalization Technology & Online Learning

One Global University Model: A Network of Equals

Benjamin Plackett | 17 Apr 2016

New York Institute of Technology was the first licensed American university in Abu Dhabi, and it’s been a pioneer in many other ways.

Internationalization Students Study Abroad

Muslim Ambassadors on an American Campus

Karin Fischer | 30 Mar 2016

Like it or not, women in the United States on Saudi study-abroad programs find themselves representing the Muslim world.

Internationalization Research

Seeking Soft Power, China Expands Activities in Arab Higher Education

Wagdy Sawahel | 01 Feb 2016

A policy paper from the Chinese government on the Arab world proposes broad educational cooperation.

Internationalization Study Abroad

Why a Global Education Doesn’t Have to Mean Going Abroad

Karin Fischer | 18 Aug 2015

Domestic “study away” programs, often cheaper and more accessible than a course overseas, can expose students to diverse cultures closer to home.

Gender Internationalization

Helping Arab Women Ease Into U.S. Campuses

David Wheeler | 01 Jun 2015

International educators at a recent conference discussed ways to help Arab women become comfortable at U.S. universities.

Accreditation Fraud Internationalization

Authorities Shut Down A Global Network of Fake Universities

Benjamin Plackett | 31 May 2015

The websites of a group of fake universities are silent after Pakistani law enforcement officials went after the network’s alleged ringleaders.

Internationalization Students Study Abroad

Some Arab Youth Study Abroad Close to Home

Sarah Lynch | 26 May 2015

Increasingly, some Arab students prefer universities within the region rather than in Europe or the United States.

Internationalization Technology & Online Learning

How Educators Could Help Journalists—and Themselves

David Wheeler | 18 May 2015

The editor of Al-Fanar Media suggests ways that universities and education ministries could do a better job of sharing information.

Arabic Internationalization Teaching

To Make the World a Better Place, Teach Arabic

Brian T. Edwards | 18 May 2015

Learning the Arabic language can play a crucial role in achieving peace.

Internationalization Students

Egypt’s Bid for International Students Raises Eyebrows

Sara Mohammed Ibrahim | 04 May 2015

Egypt plan to promote itself as an international education hub elicits skepticism, although some think it could succeed in the Arab and African markets.

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