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Rebuilding Health Care After Conflicts: Lebanon as a Case Study in Failure

Habib Battah | 10 Jan 2017

Experts are beginning to mull how to rebuild health-care systems after conflicts ease in the Arab region. Lebanon provides a case study in dysfunction, the author argues.

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New Medical School May Remedy Qatar’s Doctor Shortage

Eman Kamel | 09 Mar 2016

Qatar University has opened a medical school, as the country grapples with a shortage of physicians.

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Researchers Search Arabian Waters For Cancer Treatments

Benjamin Plackett | 10 Feb 2016

Experts think sponges may contain compounds that could halt the growth of cancer cells.

Health & Medicine Research

Qatar Spends Heavily on Drug Research, Seeking a Knowledge Economy

Benjamin Plackett | 28 Jan 2016

The research output at Qatar University’s College of Pharmacy has rapidly grown, but experts remain cautious about the emirate’s pharmaceutical industry.

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Moroccan Medical Students Block Imposition of Compulsory Work

Khalid Aitnasser | 10 Nov 2015

Medical students’ protests stopped the Ministry of Health’s attempt to make it mandatory for students to work in remote areas after graduation.

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Syria Toughens Entry Requirements for Those in the Health Professions

Mokhtar Alibrahim | 27 Oct 2015

The Syrian Ministry of Higher Education has started requiring those who seek to enter many of the health professions to study an extra year before their professional education.

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Hiccups in Adopting a New Way of Teaching Medicine

Sara Mohammed Ibrahim | 12 Oct 2015

Alexandria University Faculty of Medicine has adopted a new way of teaching based more on the human body and diseases than on scientific disciplines.

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Mauritania’s Only Medical School Graduates Its First Class

Dah Yacoub | 18 Aug 2015

Mauritania hopes to improve its health care now that it is beginning to produce its own doctors.

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Once-Proud Iraqi Medical Schools Now Down at the Heels

Gilgamesh Nabeel | 29 Jul 2015

Iraqi medical schools suffer from a shortage of qualified professors, a lack of cadavers, and a focus on theory instead of practice.

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Hospital Visits Have High Risks, Arab Researcher Finds

Benjamin Plackett | 23 Jun 2015

Researchers say the danger of going in to a hospital for one ailment and then getting another is high in the Arab world.

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