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Gender Research

A Role Model For Female Arab Scientists

Benjamin Plackett | 20 Nov 2016

A biologist is this year’s Qatar recipient of the L’Oréal-Unesco for Women in Science Middle East Fellowship award, for her research on microbiota.

Gender Refugees

Supporting Women’s Leadership for a Post-Conflict Syria

Sarah Lynch | 20 Oct 2016

Scholarships and other programs seek to build what Syria will need when war is over.


Sexual Harassment at the American University in Cairo

Whitney Buchanan | 16 Jun 2016

After being personally sexually harassed inside the campus, the writer calls the American University in Cairo to adopt more stringent measures against sexual harassment.

Faculty Gender

No, I Am Not Pregnant

Emily Van Duyne | 22 May 2016

Why women in academe feel our bodies are ‘always under watch’.


A Battle Over Veils at Cairo University

Ahmed ElShamy | 22 Feb 2016

An ever-widening ban on female professors wearing veils at Cairo University reflects a broader academic controversy.

Academic Freedom Gender Literature & Translation Social Sciences

The Legacy of Fatema Mernissi, Moroccan Feminist and Scholar

Ursula Lindsey | 21 Jan 2016

Sociologist Fatema Mernissi published ground-breaking, wide-ranging scholarship that influenced a generation of Arab feminists.

Conflict Curriculum Gender

Save Jordan from a Curriculum That Promotes Division and Ignorance

Rana Sabbagh | 20 Jan 2016

In an open appeal to the Jordanian King, the writer explains the importance of reviewing the curriculum in the Kingdom, which is full of exclusionary ideology.

Employment Gender

Survey: Overcoming Young Arab Women’s Difficulties In Getting a First Job

Benjamin Plackett | 13 Dec 2015

A new report outlines possible solutions to difficulties young women in the region face when finding a first job.

Gender Students

An Algerian Student’s Search for a Decent Home

Rim Hayat Chaif | 17 Nov 2015

A student seeking a master’s degree got an unpleasant surprise when she showed up at her dormitory.

Gender Students

Survey Finds Frequent Sexual Harassment on Jordan’s Campuses

Saba Abu Farha | 22 Sep 2015

An informal poll of female students in Jordan suggests sexual harassment is a widespread problem.

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