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Curriculum Gender

Glass Doors: “Womenomics” in Jordan’s School Books

Mayyada Abu Jaber | 17 Apr 2015

The writer researches the direct and hidden gender biases in school textbooks, and the negative messages they convey about women’s economic participation.

Curriculum Gender Students

In Rural Lebanon, Few Higher Education Choices for Girls

Souhaib Ayoub | 16 Apr 2015

The concentration of Lebanese universities in cities means many young women cannot attend, and forces them to join village Islamic institutes.

Employment Gender

Physical Education: an Opportunity for Women?

Sara Mohammed Ibrahim | 13 Apr 2015

With sports growing more popular among young people, the Physical Training College for Girls, in Egypt, helps some women find jobs.

Gender Research

Early Efforts Seek to Solve the Gulf Gender Gap

Eman Kamel, Sarah Lynch | 16 Mar 2015

A new strategy will encourage young Qatari men to enroll in universities, but more is needed to combat the problem regionally.

Administration Employment Finances Gender Quality Control Teaching

Are Private Universities Worth the Money?

Rasha Faek, Sarah Lynch | 23 Jan 2015

Families across the Arab region debate where to send their sons and daughters—public university or private one? There is no easy answer.


Born in Jordan, But Treated Like Foreigners by its Universities

Saba Abu Farha | 06 Jan 2015

The children of Jordanian women and foreign men are treated as foreigners when they apply to Jordanian public universities.


In Jordan, Women Are Only a Tiny Minority On University Boards

Saba Abu Farha | 09 Dec 2014

Out of 130 new public university board members, the Jordanian government has only appointed three women.

Gender Students

Plan To Move Women Out of Baghdad University is Halted

| 23 Oct 2014

The Iraqi education ministry has backed away from a plan to move some female-only departments at Baghdad University into a new institution.


Cairo University’s New Sexual Harassment Policy a Novelty in the Region

Sarah Lynch | 21 Jul 2014

Cairo University adopted an anti-sexual-harassment policy to be put into effect next semester.


Yemeni Women’s Uphill Struggle for Education

Faisal Darem | 12 Jun 2014

Despite many obstacles to entering academia, Yemeni women are making progress.

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