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Gender Libraries Research

A Renaissance Woman at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Benjamin Plackett | 02 Jul 2015

The head of cultural outreach at the modern-day library of Alexandria has worked with underground cables and overhead planetarium displays and broadened the library’s influence.

Curriculum Gender Profiles Research

A Conversation With Effat University President Haifa Jamal Al-Lail

Ahmad Sabri | 25 Jun 2015

Haifa Jamal Al-Lail spoke with Al-Fanar Media about the challenges Saudi universities face and the obstacles and opportunities for women in higher education.


In Bahrain, Men are Scarce in Universities

Islam Alzeny | 16 Jun 2015

As in many other Gulf countries, fewer men than women make it to university in Bahrain.


Is the Post-Graduation Picture for Arab Women Brightening?

David Wheeler | 02 Jun 2015

A conference snapshot of Arab women’s employment and entrepreneurship highlighted the positive.

Gender Internationalization

Helping Arab Women Ease Into U.S. Campuses

David Wheeler | 01 Jun 2015

International educators at a recent conference discussed ways to help Arab women become comfortable at U.S. universities.

Gender Illiteracy

A Yemeni Herdswoman is an Education Leader

Samar Qaed | 22 May 2015

In a village in southern Yemen, girls are mostly left out of schools. But one girl who managed to get some education now inspires others.

Gender Human Rights Students

Economic Hardship Drives Child Marriage

Tarek Abd El-Galil | 18 May 2015

In Egypt, child brides and grooms explain why they married before the legal age.

Gender Human Rights Religion Students

Child Brides in Egypt Are Blocked from Education

Sarah Lynch | 18 May 2015

Researchers are delving into the causes of child marriage and trying to learn how to prevent it.

Employment Gender

Tunisian and Jordanian Women: Common on Campus, Rare in the Workplace

Aya Alayan, Ibtissem Jamel | 05 May 2015

In Tunisia and Jordan, women find it easy to enter university gates, but hard to get past office doors.

Conflict Gender Human Rights Schools

21 Million Arab Children Not in School or At Risk

Rania Tarek | 01 May 2015

A new report finds a high proportion of Arab children and adolescents are either not in school or at risk of dropping out.

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