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Iraqi Scholar’s Work on Purifying Water Has Been a Journey of Perseverance

Tarek Abd El-Galil | 13 Aug 2022

Suhad Yasin, of the University of Duhok, overcame many obstacles during 13 years of interrupted graduate study to continue her research on purifying polluted water.

Development Faculty Gender Social Sciences

Empowering Arab Women Goes Beyond Holding Public Positions, Says Hania Sholkamy

Amr EL-Tohamy | 06 Aug 2022

The Egyptian anthropologist says the issue is one of social justice: “Feminist movements did not come to support the elite, but rather to support the majority.”

Curriculum Gender Policy Students Teaching

Students’ Backgrounds Affect How They Learn, Omani Researchers Find

Amr EL-Tohamy | 22 Jul 2022

The study hopes to enhance diversity in classrooms and help teachers and lecturers improve teaching to students of different cultural and social backgrounds.

Coronavirus Employment Gender Inequality

Gender Gap Report Finds MENA Region Lags in Leadership Roles for Women

Tarek Abd El-Galil | 17 Jul 2022

The World Economic Forum’s latest report notes some gains for women, but says progress toward gender parity was set back by Covid-19.

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Legal Scholar Zeina Jallad Says More Women Lawyers Would Help Palestinian Society

Amr EL-Tohamy | 06 Jul 2022

The human-rights scholar Zeina Jallad calls for improvements in Palestinian legal education and more support for women in a male-dominated field.

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Rana Dajani: Underrepresentation of Women in Science is a Global Issue

Tarek Abd El-Galil | 04 Jul 2022

The Jordanian molecular biologist Rana Dajani discusses her career in science and a humanitarian project she started to get kids reading.

Gender Human Rights Inequality Protests

Basra Feminist Team Fights Violence Against Women and Promotes Their Rights

Amr EL-Tohamy | 25 Jun 2022

Fifteen young women formed the Basra Feminist Team to fight stereotypes, raise awareness of women’s issues and generally improve their lives.

Employment Faculty Gender Profiles

Lebanese Academic Rana Sawaya Is Chosen to Lead University College of Bahrain

Samar Kadi | 23 Jun 2022

Years of passion and hard work have paid off for Rana Sawaya, who is expected to be named the Bahraini university’s official president soon.

Gender Inequality Students

Iraqi Women Academics Disagree About Women-Only Universities

Amr EL-Tohamy | 05 Jun 2022

Some believe single-sex education is the only way girls from conservative families can finish their education. Others think they reinforce gender inequalities.

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Scholars Map Kuwait’s Digital Inequalities as a Prelude to Digital Transformation

Gilgamesh Nabeel | 03 Jun 2022

A survey provides a portrait of how the benefits of digital technologies are distributed across Kuwaiti society and could help guide its transition to a knowledge-based economy.

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