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In Kuwait, Students Can Buy Ready-Made Research

Aisha Elgayar | 20 Aug 2017

Some Kuwaiti universities are now using software to detect work that is not the student’s own.


In Kuwait, a War Against Fake University Degrees

Aisha Elgayar | 29 Mar 2016

The Ministry of Education has summoned the holders of fraudulent degrees to court, opening a debate about how such fakes became so prevalent.

Fraud Research Students

Need a Research Paper? Buy One in Bahrain

Islam Alzeny | 01 Feb 2016

Buying ready-made research is spreading in popularity among students at the University of Bahrain. Punishment and education are two of the proposed responses.

Fraud Research

A New Way to Measure the Importance of Arabic Research

Saleh Al-Shair | 06 Nov 2015

The author argues that creating an objective way to measure the importance of research papers in Arabic could improve science in the region.

Fraud Quality Control

Predatory Journals Lure In Arab Researchers

Benjamin Plackett | 12 Oct 2015

Journals recruit Arab academics keen to see their work published. But what is a real journal anyway?


Why 25 UAE Colleges Will Close by 2025

Dean Hoke | 04 Oct 2015

With more than 100 institutions competing for the interests of students in the United Arab Emirates, small institutions risk having to shut down, the author argues.

Accreditation Fraud Internationalization

Authorities Shut Down A Global Network of Fake Universities

Benjamin Plackett | 31 May 2015

The websites of a group of fake universities are silent after Pakistani law enforcement officials went after the network’s alleged ringleaders.

Accreditation Fraud

It’s Time to Shut Down Fake Universities

Dean Hoke | 31 May 2015

Education authorities should fight bogus-degree programs and create real, accredited online alternatives, says Dean Hoke.


New Plan Hatched to Block Plagiarism’s Spread

Wagdy Sawahel | 08 Dec 2014

A Sudanese university is proposing an Arab network to keep plagiarizing students from hopping from institution to institution.

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