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As Raqqa is Bombed, a Syrian Student Dreams of New Buildings

Haneen Al-Mohammad | 24 Nov 2015

A Syrian architecture student in Cairo wants to work on rebuilding in post-conflict areas. But she is trapped in a policy change that may block her from finishing her degree.

Finances Refugees Scholarships

New Numbers Demonstrate Need for Regional Scholarships

Al-Fanar Media Reporting Team | 10 Sep 2015

The war in Syria turned many university students into refugees, who now need financial support for their studies.

Finances Students

Finding a Place to Sleep—a Challenge for Moroccan Students

Khalid Aitnasser | 13 Jul 2015

After being accepted by universities, Moroccan students then face a big obstacle: Finding housing.

Finances Scholarships Students

Libya’s Foreign Scholarship Program Is Crumbling

Abdel Moneim Alaghima, John Dyer | 09 Jul 2015

The government program that supports thousands of Libyan students appears to be ending and is paying students and universities extremely erratically.

Conflict Finances

In Tunisia, the Cost of Fighting Terrorism Is Hurting Higher Education

Ibtissem Jamel | 26 Jun 2015

A weak economy and the expense of combatting terrorism are taking away the money that many wish would go to Tunisian universities.


Tuition in America—a Fable for Egyptian Education?

Belal Fadl | 26 Mar 2015

The documentary “Ivory Tower” took a critical look at the costs and benefits of American education. What might it teach Egypt?

Finances Students

Dropping the Right to Free Education?

Mai Shams El-Din | 11 Mar 2015

A proposal to limit which Egyptian students have to pay tuition is leaving many students apprehensive.


Oil’s Price Drop Drags Algerian Schoolteachers Down Too

Toufik Bougaada | 15 Feb 2015

With price of oil at its lowest in five years, Algerian school teachers are already feeling the pinch.


Expensive Education Equals Social Injustice

Amal Abou-Setta | 10 Feb 2015

As public universities begin charging fees and private universities expand, the poor suffer and the wealthy benefit, the author argues.


Sana’a University’s Female Housing: Overcrowding, Chaos And Garbage

Shada Hottam | 04 Feb 2015

Female students in Sana’a University’s overcrowded dormitories have to deal with dirty water and a shortage of bathrooms.

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