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Enrollment Finances Students Study Abroad

Egyptian Universities Want More Foreign Students

Menna Farouk | 19 Apr 2017

Government plan will boost foreign currency revenues.

Enrollment Finances Politics Study Abroad

Unfriendly U.S. Policies Threaten Arab Student Flows

Dean Hoke | 13 Apr 2017

Travel bans and negative rhetoric have fueled concern for Arab overseas students, and U.S. institutions stand to lose more than revenue.

Finances Students

AUC’s Fees in Egyptian Pounds: Decision by Egyptian Court

Tarek Abd El-Galil | 21 Mar 2017

The Egyptian judiciary requires the American University in Cairo to charge tuition in Egyptian pounds, not US dollars.

Finances Health & Medicine Research

Oman’s Move Toward Personalized Medicine

Benjamin Plackett | 21 Feb 2017

Medical research that uses data from Arab patients results in better treatments for local populations.

Finances Politics Students

Jordanian Student Suspended for Opposing Tuition Hike

Hamad Othman | 14 Feb 2017

Jordanian universities restrain student movements by expelling their leaders.

Administration Finances

How Egypt’s Currency Plunge Trapped a University

Mai Shams El-Din | 13 Dec 2016

The chief financial officer of the American University in Cairo explains how a financial event the institution planned for still wound up making life harder for everyone involved.

Finances Research

Shrinking Egyptian Economy Could Cramp Social Sciences

Mai Shams El-Din | 08 Dec 2016

As the Egyptian pound decreases in value against the dollar, academic disciplines that consider themselves the home of critical thinking say they are at risk.

Finances Students

Rising Educational Costs Weigh on Palestinian Students

Asma' Jawabreh | 14 Nov 2016

Students in Palestine are surrounded by a weak economy with high unemployment and dwindling donor support. Rising tuition is the last straw for many.

Finances Students

The Price of Master’s and Doctoral Degrees Jumps in Egypt

Mai Shams El-Din | 08 Sep 2016

Study beyond a bachelor’s degree suddenly gets more expensive, hitting dental and medical students particularly hard.

Administration Finances

Importing Higher Education: A Qatari Experiment

Burton Bollag | 14 Jul 2016

It’s been close to 20 years since the founding of Education City, the cluster of Western university campuses in Doha. What has been achieved?

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