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Egyptian Universities Want More Foreign Students

Menna Farouk | 19 Apr 2017

Government plan will boost foreign currency revenues.

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Unfriendly U.S. Policies Threaten Arab Student Flows

Dean Hoke | 13 Apr 2017

Travel bans and negative rhetoric have fueled concern for Arab overseas students, and U.S. institutions stand to lose more than revenue.


Private Education Prospers in Dubai, Report Says

Rasha Faek | 21 Mar 2016

The oil-poor emirate has made a strong business out of hosting private schools and universities that largely service expatriates and foreigners.

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The Youth Bulge: Often Mentioned, Frequently Ignored

Al-Fanar Media Reporting Team | 09 Dec 2014

 Arab educators regularly refer to the “youth bulge,” but few of them are actually preparing for it.

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