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Disability Employment Faculty

In Jordan, Those With Special Needs Face a Difficult Plight

Ezz Eldeen Al Natour | 14 May 2015

Jordanian youth with special needs can easily enroll in universities to study but have difficulty getting jobs.

Employment Gender

Tunisian and Jordanian Women: Common on Campus, Rare in the Workplace

Aya Alayan, Ibtissem Jamel | 05 May 2015

In Tunisia and Jordan, women find it easy to enter university gates, but hard to get past office doors.

Employment Gender

Physical Education: an Opportunity for Women?

Sara Mohammed Ibrahim | 13 Apr 2015

With sports growing more popular among young people, the Physical Training College for Girls, in Egypt, helps some women find jobs.

Employment Rankings

Jordanian Higher Education Flunks a National Test

Saba Abu Farha | 20 Feb 2015

The quality of Jordanian universities is being called into question after the announcement that many of their students failed an important exam.

Employment Profiles Technology & Online Learning

A Conversation with IBM’s Naguib Attia: Revolutionizing Education

Sarah Lynch | 29 Jan 2015

The chief technology officer at IBM Middle East and Africa talks about what the company looks for in graduates.


Saudis with Ph.D.’s Face Difficulty Finding Jobs

Ahmad Sabri | 27 Jan 2015

Young Saudis with doctorates find that their country’s energy-based economy does not have that many openings for them.

Administration Employment Finances Gender Quality Control Teaching

Are Private Universities Worth the Money?

Rasha Faek, Sarah Lynch | 23 Jan 2015

Families across the Arab region debate where to send their sons and daughters—public university or private one? There is no easy answer.

Employment Finances

Private Universities Thriving as Public Ones Weaken

Rasha Faek, Sarah Lynch | 22 Jan 2015

Arab students looking for contemporary fields of study, coeducation, and an employment-oriented education are increasingly turning to private universities. The downside: cost.


UAE Tries to Bridge the Gap Between Industry and Academe

Sarah Lynch | 17 Dec 2014

Professionals from a variety of backgrounds are trying to get universities and those who hire their students to work together.


Small Step In Curing the Big Unemployment Problem

Benjamin Plackett | 29 Jun 2014

One British university that is successful at getting its graduates jobs is touring the Arab world talking about its method.

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