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Arab Youth Survey Suggests Unemployment Drives Terrorism

Rasha Faek | 22 Apr 2016

A survey found Arab young people believe religion plays too much of a role in society. But survey respondents said unemployment is driving some youth into the arms of the Islamic State.

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An Ambitious Agenda for the American University of Beirut

Fadlo R. Khuri | 04 Apr 2016

As the Lebanese university enters its 150th year, its new president has outlined big plans for what it needs to accomplish.

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Strict Tunisian Drug Laws Put Students in Jail

Ibtissem Jamel | 16 Mar 2016

Tunisian law is tough on illegal drugs, leaving many young people in prison when they would rather be on university campuses.


Lack of Training Opportunities Hampers Educational and Economic Outcomes

Saleh Al-Shair | 31 Jan 2016

Few universities in the region are meeting students’ needs for practical training, but if industry, educators and government work together they can create solutions, the author writes.

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The German Jordanian University Seeks to Prepare Graduates for Global Employment

Benjamin Plackett | 13 Jan 2016

A joint project of the German and Jordanian governments creates tri-lingual students with internship experience who regularly land jobs.

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Egypt Reconsiders “Open Learning”

Ahmed ElShamy | 12 Jan 2016

Students who seek to study on flexible schedules are concerned that their degrees, already discriminated against, may be officially demoted.

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Survey: Overcoming Young Arab Women’s Difficulties In Getting a First Job

Benjamin Plackett | 13 Dec 2015

A new report outlines possible solutions to difficulties young women in the region face when finding a first job.

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Vocational Education: No Instant Cure

Khalid Aitnasser | 20 Nov 2015

Morocco’s situation shows how vocational education does not necessarily yield the results that some advocates have hoped for.


Global Education Challenges: The Arab World is Not Alone

Eman Kamel | 13 Nov 2015

At the annual WISE conference, in Qatar, discussions about the global future of education often used rhetoric that would ring familiar to Middle Eastern educators.


Without Jobs, Dignity Eludes Many Tunisian Youth

Ibtissem Jamel | 21 Oct 2015

Tunisia is often cited as the only “success story” of the Arab spring. But its universities rarely help Tunisian students find a place in the economy.

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