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A Syrian Student’s Fragile Hope for Higher Education

Xanthe Ackerman | 06 Jul 2014

Exams in exile help further young Syrians’ education, but still the challenges do not end.

Conflict Students

A Tiny University with a Big Spirit

Emma Beales | 18 Jun 2014

In Turkey, a small group of professors teaches Syrian students in-person and online.

Conflict Human Rights Refugees

More Syrians in Lebanon: Fewer in Universities

Emma Gatten | 18 Jun 2014

Lebanon has many university-age Syrian refugees, but few of them are actually in the country’s universities.

Arts & Culture Conflict Publishing

Syrian Art Thrives, Defying Violence

Soraya Morayef | 14 Jun 2014

A new book collects the art and writing that have prospered in the midst of great suffering.

Conflict Students

Politics Turn Violent on Moroccan Campuses

| 30 May 2014

Police are given easier access to Moroccan universities, following a fatal stabbing in Fez.


In Egypt, Protests Spread to Private Universities

| 12 May 2014

Two American University of Cairo students were sentenced to five-year jail terms as the cycle of demonstrations and government crackdowns keeps spinning.


In Western Iraq, a University Barely Hangs On

| 11 May 2014

Conflict in Al Anbar province has left some students not knowing when they will have class.

Conflict Faculty Politics Profiles

A Conversation with the Iraqi Minister of Higher Education

Mohammed Al-Rubaie | 02 May 2014

Iraq’s security problems are not preventing it from establishing new universities and ending “mandatory ignorance,” said the Iraqi higher-education minister.


Attack at Iraqi University Kills 5

Gilgamesh Nabeel, John Dyer | 24 Apr 2014

A Shiite university appears to have been caught up in the conflict between an Al Qaeda-sponsored group and Shiite militias.

Conflict Students

Amid More Violence, Egyptian Universities’ Independence Questioned

Sarah Lynch | 02 Apr 2014

Blasts aimed at police rocked Cairo University: The ongoing violence is a threat to university freedom, experts said.

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