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Arabic Language Teaching

In Algeria, the Berber Language Can’t Get an Educational Foothold

Rim Hayat Chaif | 27 Jul 2015

More pupils are taking lessons in Tamazight, the language of the Berbers, but in fewer school districts, leaving the language at risk.

Arabic Internationalization Teaching

To Make the World a Better Place, Teach Arabic

Brian T. Edwards | 18 May 2015

Learning the Arabic language can play a crucial role in achieving peace.

Arabic Research

The Language of Science Education: Between Two Trends

Saleh Al-Shair | 13 Aug 2014

Should science be taught in native languages or in the global language of scientific research, asks Saleh Al-Shair.

Arabic Curriculum

Qatari Education Report Praises Independent Schools

| 01 May 2014

A recent survey finds state-owned but independent Qatari schools, somewhat similar to “charter schools” elsewhere, to be cheaper and better than their peers.

Arabic Literature & Translation Profiles Teaching

A Conversation With the Head of the Higher Arab Institute of Translation

Rasha Faek | 19 Apr 2014

Arabic should be the main teaching language in the region but needs to be modernized, says Inam Bioud.

Arabic Internationalization

Arabic is Blooming—in the United States

| 14 Apr 2014

Arabic programs are becoming more popular at American universities—surpassing some traditionally favored languages.

Arabic Publishing

Arabterm: An Online Technical Dictionary

Rasha Faek | 27 Jan 2014

An Arab translation platform standardizes reference terms in technical and scientific sectors.

Arabic Technology & Online Learning

New Portal Will Help Bring “MOOCs” to the Arab World

Rasha Faek | 07 Dec 2013

Arab academics say “massively open online courses” will need to be shaped to benefit the region’s students.

Administration Arabic Curriculum Teaching

Zig-Zagging Education Policies Leave Qatari Students Behind

Christina Maria Paschyn | 25 Oct 2013

Despite 12 years of education reform, Qatar’s young people are performing poorly on standardized tests and spending years in remedial programs.

Administration Arabic Curriculum Rankings

How Saudi Universities Rose in the Global Rankings

Charles McPhedran | 15 Oct 2013

Largely alone among Arab universities, Saudi institutions have in some disciplines crept up in the global rankings. That wasn’t accidental.

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