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Women and Islam: A Topic that Troubles

Ursula Lindsey | 10 Mar 2017

Hatoon al Fassi, a Saudi scholar, has provoked controversy in Qatar for arguing that the Koran, correctly interpreted, supports the empowerment of women.

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Academic Freedom in Egypt Needs More Vocal Support

Mohamed Abdel Salam | 07 Feb 2017

A writer calls for a unified approach to support academic freedom in Egypt.

Academic Freedom Administration Conflict Politics

University of Mosul President Looks to a Post-Da’esh Future

Edward Fox | 19 Jan 2017

Obay al-Dewachi has kept Mosul’s university running in exile and represents the resilience of the city’s people.

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In the Arab World, an Academic Freedom Report Focuses on Egypt

Edward Fox | 08 Nov 2016

The Academic Freedom Monitoring Report, a project of Scholars at Risk, has highlighted Egypt, especially the bans there that prevent professors from traveling.

Academic Freedom

Of Architecture Projects and Academic Freedom

Tarek Abd El-Galil | 12 Sep 2016

In the latest blow to Egypt’s academic freedom, a private university destroyed some architecture students’ projects and fired a professor.

Academic Freedom

Turkish Academics Pay Harsh Penalties for the Failed Coup

Ursula Lindsey | 23 Jul 2016

Academics at Turkish universities, once among the most international in the region, face a travel ban and forced resignations.

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A Conversation With a Scholar Who Has Been Sentenced to Death

Burton Bollag | 19 Jun 2016

Emad Shahin, a political scientist in exile from the American University of Cairo, talks about the lack of academic freedom in his home country of Egypt.

Academic Freedom Faculty Students

Courage to Think Defender Award Given to Egyptian Scholars and Students

Burton Bollag | 14 Jun 2016

The Scholars at Risk network has given its highest award to those professors and students in Egypt who have suffered under the military government’s crackdown on freedom of speech.

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Foreign Researchers in Egypt Are Being Harassed

Mohamed Abdel Salam | 15 Apr 2016

An Egyptian independent organization says the banning of foreign researchers from entering the country is largely based on their anti-government stances.

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The Price of Egypt’s Anti-Cosmopolitanism

Ursula Lindsey | 23 Feb 2016

The death of an Italian graduate student also speaks to Egypt’s attitude toward research, knowledge, and the international connections of its scholars.

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