SPARK Scholarships for Syrian Refugees in Iraq

Type: Bachelor’s (Undergraduate)

Who: Syrian refugees interested in studying in Iraq

What: Tuition / enrolment fees, and a monthly stipend

When: 2021-2022

Where: Iraq universities

Program Length: 2 years

Deadline to Apply: 31 August 2021

Citizenship: Syria

Destination Countries: Iraq

Academic Subject(s): All Subjects


In efforts to respond to the Syrian crisis, the nongovernmental organization SPARK, with support from the European Union through the EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian crisis, also known as the ‘Madad’ Fund, is supporting young Syrian people in Iraq (including the Kurdistan Region of Iraq) to access higher education, to enhance their skills and contribute to rebuilding their war-torn country. 

All high school graduates residing in Iraq, who are able and willing to study a 2-year Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) degree in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, who are Syrian refugees, can now apply for a full scholarship, and receive a monthly stipend of $210 per month for every month they are enrolled.

Deadline: 31 August 2021


SPARK scholarships include student tuition and/or enrolment fees. Other allowances include  local transportation and study materials, and monthly stipends might be supported depending on the educational programme.


– Must have successfully completed pre-university studies (high school or equivalent).

– Must hold Syrian nationality.

– Must not have sufficient financial means to pursue higher education.

– Must be between 17 to 30 years old.

– Must be able to be in the Kurdistan Region during the academic year.

– Women candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

– Candidates with high academic performance and motivation are strongly encouraged to apply.

How to Apply: 

Click on “Apply for this programme” and you will access the application page. If this is your first time applying, click “Start” to make an account. If you have applied before or have signed up already, you can manage your application by clicking “Login.”

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