Saudi Scholarships for Arts and Culture

Type: Bachelor’s (Undergraduate), Master’s Degree, Ph.D. or Other Doctoral Degrees

Who: Saudi Students looking to Major in Arts and Culture

What: Full scholarship + living expenses

When: 2020 – 2021

Where: Partner universities worldwide

Program Length: Up to five years

Deadline to Apply: Rolling admissions

Citizenship: Saudi Arabia

Destination Countries: All Countries

Academic Subject(s): Arabic Literature, Archeology, Architecture, Arts, Design, English Language and Literature, Museums, Music, Theater, Visual Arts


The Culture Scholarship Program, funded by the Saudi Ministry of Culture, is open to Saudi students who wish to obtain a bachelor’s, master’s or Ph.D. degree in various cultural and arts fields from the world’s most prominent educational institutions.

The courses of study available under the program include music, theater, visual arts (drawing, sculpture, art theory, calligraphy, art history, photography, and cinematography), filmmaking, literature and linguistics, archaeology, culinary arts, design, architecture, and libraries and museums.

The program offers several advantages for both self-financed students and pre-accepted students. Scholarships cover all tuition fees, financial support, living expenses, health care and return flights to the scholarship’s location for both the student and their companion.

The lists of universities and majors are available on this link.

This program accepts applications all year around.


There are a number of conditions and instructions that students should consider when applying for the scholarship, as follows:

– The applicant must be a Saudi national.

– The applicant must have a record of good conduct and behavior.

– The applicant’s educational institution should be part of institution list available in the program.  

– The major selected by the applicant should be within the specific list featured in the cultural exchange program.

– The major selected by the applicant does not need to be identical or related to the major he/she has previously studied.

– The applicant’s information must be complete and correct in the application form and any evidence that his or her provided information does not match the official documents will lead to dismissal.  

How to apply

Applicants fill out the online form with their correct data and upload the requested documents, noting that the application window is available at all times. Applications can be found on this link, after registering on the website.

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