Fellowship Program for Emerging Displaced Scholars – Columbia Global Centers

Type: Ph.D. or Other Doctoral Degrees, Postdoctoral

Who: Displaced scholars residing in Jordan with refugee status or those who have submitted an asylum application in Jordan.

What: 12-month fellowships for emerging displaced scholars interested in the humanities to continue and further develop their scholarly pursuits.

When: January 1, 2019

Where: Amman

Program Length: 12 months

Deadline to Apply: 17 December 2018

Citizenship: All Countries

Destination Countries: Jordan

Academic Subject(s): Humanities, Social Sciences

The 12-month fellowship will provide support for exceptional emerging displaced scholars working in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. The program is intended to enable fellows to focus on issues that are of interest to their scholarship.

To support the fellows the program will:
• Build academic capacity of incoming fellows through access to online courses at Columbia University and other platforms, and/or through training workshops held at the Center;
• Support the academic development of fellows by matching them with a relevant faculty member that would provide mentorship, advice and support;
• Strengthen global connectedness by linking emerging displaced scholars to academics, practitioners, and experts across the Columbia Global Centers’ network;
• Facilitate experiential learning opportunities for fellows, where they could assume a supporting role in program administration and implementation;
• Support fellows with convening roundtable discussions, planning conferences, and giving talks related to their subject areas;
• Enable emerging displaced scholars to embark on academic projects, including publication of their work, in a safe environment; and,
• Highlight the research work of emerging displaced scholars by disseminating their intellectual products and facilitating exchange through the Columbia Global Centers’ network and with relevant Columbia University schools and institutes.

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