DAFI Scholarships 2020 for Refugees

/ 21 Apr 2020

DAFI Scholarships 2020 for Refugees

Type: Bachelor's (Undergraduate)

Who: Registered refugees seeking higher education at the country of asylum

What: Full Scholarships + Living Expenses

When: 2020 - 2021

Where: Partner Universities in Asylum Country

Program Length: Three to Four Years

Deadline to Apply: Open/Contact UNHCR Office in your country to get an application

Citizenship: Iraq, Palestine, Sudan, Syria

Destination Countries: All Countries

Academic Subject(s): All Subjects


The DAFI program (Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative) is the higher-education scholarship program of UNHCR, the United Nations’ refugee agency. 

The DAFI program offers scholarships for undergraduate refugee students that cover a wide range of expenses for academic study, from tuition fees and study materials to food, transportation, accommodation and other allowances. To support their academic achievements and skill development, DAFI scholars receive additional support through close monitoring, and academic preparatory and language classes based on students’ needs, as well as mentoring and networking opportunities.

 In 2020, DAFI scholarships are available in the following Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries: Algeria, Egypt, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritania, Morocco, Syria and Yemen.

Deadline: Open. Contact the UNHCR Office in your country to get an application. 


To meet the eligibility criteria of the scholarship, applicants must:

– be a refugee with recognized refugee status;

– have successfully completed secondary schooling to a high standard;

– have no other means of support for university studies;

– select a course of study (with  maximum duration of three to four years) that is likely to lead to employment in the country of origin;

– not be older than 28 years of age at the beginning of studies;

– have no family members receiving a DAFI scholarship;

– not be asylum seekers who have not (yet) been recognised as refugees;  and 

– not be seeking resettlement in a third country. 

How to Apply

– Check if there is a current DAFI program in your country of asylum.

– Check if you meet the above-mentioned criteria.

– Contact the UNHCR Office of your country to receive a country-specific application form.

– Once you receive the application form from the UNHCR office, complete it and submit as indicated on the form. NOTE: Please, do not submit your application to UNHCR headquarters in Geneva or Copenhagen.


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