Al Ula Scholarships for Saudi Students

Type: Bachelor’s (Undergraduate)

Who: Saudi Students from Al Ula Province

What: Full scholarships + training and networking opportunities

When: 2022-2023

Where: UK, US, Austraulia, France

Program Length: 3-4 years

Deadline to Apply: Open

Citizenship: Saudi Arabia

Destination Countries: Australia, France, UK, USA

Academic Subject(s): All Subjects

The Royal Commission for AlUla, in Saudi Arabia, will sponsor a select group of students who are locals of AlUla to obtain bachelor’s degrees from universities in several countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Australia.
The commission was established in 2017 to lead the kingdom’s efforts to preserve and develop the archaeological and historical site of AlUla, in northwestern Saudi Arabia.
The scholarships will help develop the capabilities of local residents so that they can be a part of AlUla’s development once they return from their host countries.
Fields of study are tourism and hospitality, history, archaeology, arts, agriculture, architecture, urban design, planning, facilities and services management.
The scholarships cover travel expenses and tuition fees, in addition to offering networking opportunities, training, internships, language courses, and help in passing international examinations.
Deadline: Open
Applicants must meet one of the following requirements:
– The applicant is a Saudi/Saudi national and was born in AlUla;
– The father or mother of the applicant is a Saudi citizen and was born in AlUla; or
– The applicant is a Saudi/Saudi national and has studied for a period of not less than 6 years within AlUla county.
General requirements for applying for the program:
– The applicant must commit to stay in the host country of study throughout the scholarship period.
– All required papers must be completed before the submission deadline, and all the information provided by the student must be accurate.
– Written approval from the student’s guardian to travel abroad.
– Passing the personal interview.
– Passing the preparatory program (pre-scholarship).
– The applicant must be between 18 and 24 years of age.
Admission requirements for a bachelor’s degree:
– Hold a high school certificate or equivalent
– Graduate of one of AlUla’s high schools in 2021
– A cumulative GPA of at least 80%
– The general capacity test (Qudorat) score of at least 65 points
How to apply
Applications are filled out and submitted online on the scholarship website.

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