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Maha Bali

Educators as Citizens and Citizenship Teachers

Maha Bali / 02 Nov 2014 / Opinion

How do professors working in failed or failing states teach and learn about “critical citizenship?” One group of faculty members has started a conversation on that subject.

The Power of Social Media for the Semi-Privileged

Maha Bali / 19 Apr 2014 / Opinion

A Cairo academic reflects on how online tools keep her connected globally with her peers.

Another Step Forward for Arab MOOCs

/ 23 Feb 2014 / Opinion

Massive open online courses by and for Arabs are beginning to be a reality but raise many questions.

Juggling a Toddler and a PH.D

Maha Bali / 20 Jan 2014 / Opinion

Maha Bali shares the sweet and the sour of her journey as a mother and a candidate for a doctorate.

What Egypt Can Learn From Mandela

Maha Bali / 08 Dec 2013 / Opinion

Nelson Mandela’s capacity to empathize with those who imprisoned him should inspire educators in Egypt, the author says.

Unveiling Prejudice: An Encounter in the Classroom

Maha Bali / 22 Sep 2013 / Opinion

A teacher reflects on how her expectations of having a woman wearing a face veil in her classroom compared to the reality.

Will the Latest Generation of Online Courses Help the Arab World?

Maha Bali / 19 Jul 2013 / Opinion

Massive open online courses could wind up only serving those who are already privileged, says one academic who studies pedagogy.