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Maha Bali

Accreditation Students Technology & Online Learning

Arab Universities and MOOCs: Cautious Cooperation

Sabah Hamamou | 07 Mar 2017

While Arab youth are eager to use the Arab massive open online courses’ platforms, Arab academic institutions seem reluctant to cooperate with such organizations

Faculty Quality Control Teaching

An Essay on Teaching: Designing Assessments, Part 2

Azzah Awwad, Maha Bali | 17 Feb 2017

In the second part of their essay, the authors discuss feedback, growth and attitude towards failure.

Faculty Teaching

An Essay on Teaching: How to Design Assessments

Azzah Awwad, Maha Bali | 04 Feb 2017

Ideas from a faculty workshop at the American University in Cairo encourage fresh thinking about supporting student progress.


In Damascus, Little Water, Little Education

Rasha Faek | 12 Jan 2017

The safety of children at schools is at risk following the water shortage in the Syrian capital.

Literature & Translation

New Insights On the Arab World: 2016 Books

Ursula Lindsey | 12 Dec 2016

Ursula Lindsey offers up a cornucopia of fiction and nonfiction in Arabic, English and French for an intellectual feast.

Gender Research

A Role Model For Female Arab Scientists

Benjamin Plackett | 20 Nov 2016

A biologist is this year’s Qatar recipient of the L’Oréal-Unesco for Women in Science Middle East Fellowship award, for her research on microbiota.


Slamming the Door in Syrian Faces

Rasha Faek, Sarah Lynch | 01 Nov 2016

Syrians seeking to leave their country and neighboring countries to reach greater economic and educational opportunity are finding themselves trapped.


Amplifying the Voices of Global-South Scholars

Maha Bali | 07 Oct 2016

The writer discusses what are the possible ways to strengthen the voices of scholars from the Global South.


Inspiring Youth: A Personal Tribute to Ahmed Zewail

Maha Bali | 03 Aug 2016

A professor recalls how her personal encounters with Ahmed Zewail, the Nobel-Prize winning Egyptian scientist who died yesterday, have changed her life.

Technology & Online Learning

In the Developing World, Connectivity is Essential for Digital Learning

Maha Bali | 14 Jun 2016

Connectivity, not content, is the crucial feature that gives digital learning its power, the author argues.

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