Tabshoura Plus

/ 29 Apr 2020

Tabshoura Plus

Tabshoura Plus is part of the Tabshoura Project, an initiative of Lebanese Alternative Learning (LAL), a nongovernmental  organization that supports everyone’s right to education through digital technologies. The project also provides kindergarten and middle school platforms that support the Lebanese schools’ curriculum. The Tabshoura Plus platform provides courses in diverse fields, including art, environment, civic awareness, learning disabilities and more. The courses are designed in a simple, interactive way, which makes the platform great especially for children and teenagers. However, the topics and quality of the courses might be of interest to any age group, especially those who work with children in education, social services and humanitarian fields. One feature of this platform that users with limited or no internet access will value is its availability offline through “Tabshoura in a Box,” which uses Raspberry Pi technology  to allow the creation of a local wireless network that up to 30 devices can connect to and thus reach the learning materials.   

How Does it Work?

The expected duration of the courses is not indicated on the website, however, from some courses we have browsed, it seems two to four hours. Each course is composed of a series of topics, each of which includes a video and an interactive quiz. The courses are available in English, French and Arabic. 

Costs and Financial Aid:

The courses are free. 

Ease of Use of the Platform and Visual Style:

The website has a simple, organized and easy-to-follow design. A dashboard option allows users to find all their courses, progress and calendar in one place. In addition, direct links to browse the courses are available, classified into the three languages available. Mobile applications, powered by Moodle, are available for iOS and Android devices.

Academic Disciplines and Subjects Included:

Arts, civic awareness, self-awareness, learning disabilities, environmental awareness, and religious awareness (available in Arabic only). In addition, there is a series of lessons on French in Arabic.

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