Hsoub Academy

/ 20 Apr 2020

Hsoub Academy

Hsoub Academy is an educational division of the company Hsoub, which offers Internet-based services for Arabic speaking users. Founded in 2001, Hsoub operates the largest two Arabic freelancing platforms and the largest ad network in the Middle East and North Africa, among other businesses.

Its Hsoub Academy provides comprehensive online courses in topics like programming and building web and mobile applications. Students who enroll in a course start from scratch and go step by step to acquire proficiency in a particular skill. 

Students can earn a certificate of completion, and the company promises that students who successfully complete a course can get a refund if they do not find a job or freelance work within six months.

How Does it Work?

Courses are video-based, with opportunities for interacting with the academy’s professional team. The courses are divided into modules, which makes them easy to navigate, and students can complete them on their own schedule. The company says students get access to a course’s content for life, including any future updates, without having to pay more. After students complete a course, the academy says its trainers will review their work and offer advice on what to focus on. They will also review students’ CVs and profiles on freelance sites, and suggest ways to improve those.

Costs and Financial Aid:

Courses cost $160. Hsoub does not provide financial aid but does offer a money-back guarantee.

Ease of Use of the Platform and Visual Style:

Hsoub is a modern and interactive platform that allows users to follow up with the courses through their website. Courses are video-based and are divided into modules. 

Academic Disciplines and Subjects Included:

Coding using tools like Java Script, Ruby and PHP; web design; and mobile app development.

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