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Codecademy is an online learning interactive platform specialized in computer science and programming. It was founded in 2011 with the goal of providing easy, accessible, affordable and quality computer programming education to promising coders all over the globe. To keep up with the changes in technology and industry needs since it was launched, the platform has been updated with many improvements, mainly in the courses’ structure and teaching style. 

Types of Courses and Programs:

Codecademy offers courses and programs under three categories: 

Career paths: These programs guide students through the basics they will need to master in order to build a solid foundation for a career in tech. They’re available only through a Pro subscription.

Skills paths: These six- to ten-week courses help students master specific job-ready skills.  Available only through a Pro subscription.

Courses: Individual Codecademy courses teach a specific language or technology through interactive lessons. These are free.

How Does it Work?

Students who wish to learn through this platform need to create an account, then choose a course of interest. There are no videos or audio materials included in the course and the main materials are articles, exercises and puzzles to solve. Students living in a country which is subject to U.S. economic sanctions cannot use the platform.

Costs and Financial Aid:

The basic version of Codecademy is free. The courses available on this plan, however, are mainly beginner-level. More advanced courses on both the career and skills paths are available only with a Pro account. Pro accounts are $39.99 a month with a monthly subscription, or $19.99 a month with a 12-month subscription. A one-month free trial is available but no financial aid is offered.

Ease of Use of the Platform and Visual Style:

Similar to many platforms for online learning, Codecademy is straightforward and obvious to use. When a new user signs up for an account, the website will suggest courses and a path of learning based on the user’s interests and needs. Otherwise, the user can search for the course of interest using the search engine available on the website.

Academic Disciplines and Subjects Included:

Courses and paths for 12 different programming languages available, including Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, C++ and Swift, as well as the markup languages HTML and CSS.

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