Online Learning Platforms

أهم منصات التعلم الرقمي للطلبة العرب

The most important digital learning platforms for Arab students

Many online learning platforms have responded to the closings of schools and universities during the coronavirus pandemic by expanding their offerings and giving free access to courses. As a service to readers that will endure beyond the pandemic, Al-Fanar Media offers here a guide to some of the more popular platforms in use by educational institutions, organizations and individual learners.

Our emphasis is on courses of interest to students of university age and adults, and also on lower cost e-learning or free offerings, such as what are sometimes called MOOCs (massive open online courses), particularly those available in Arabic. We will eventually give readers the opportunity to review each platform in the hope of allowing students to share their learning experience in online classrooms and in online training, so other potential students can better judge if a set of courses is suitable for them. (We have published a separate article on courses about dealing with Covid-19 for health care professionals and the educated, interested public.)

A number of online learning platforms offer college-level and general interest courses online, and others offer specialized instruction for students or workers in particular fields, such as the creative arts or humanitarian work. We want to hear from readers about what they are looking for and what features they would find most useful as we build this resource out: Write to [email protected]  We also want to note that two platforms, Udemy and Coursera, are blocked in Syria due to U.S. sanctions.


Online Learning Platforms

  • Coursera

    • 3900+ courses • University Courses, Technical Certificate, Professional Advancement, Personal Development One of the most popular online learning platforms for nearly a decade, offering thousands of online courses that anyone can enroll in free of charge. Details تفاصيل
  • Edraak online courses


    • 100+ courses • Personal Development Edraak is a nonprofit learning platform that provides free online courses in Arabic. Launched in 2014 as an initiative of the Queen Rania Foundation for Education. Details تفاصيل
  • future learn courses


    • 500+ courses • University Courses, Personal Development FutureLearn was founded in 2012 by the Open University in collaboration with other universities in the United Kingdom as a platform for online courses. Details تفاصيل
  • Rwaq online courses


    • 550+ courses • Technical Certificate, Professional Advancement, Personal Development Based in Saudi Arabia, Rwaq was established to provide free, high-quality academic material in Arabic in a wide variety of fields and disciplines. Details تفاصيل

  • EdX

    • 3000+ courses • University Courses, Personal Development EdX is a nonprofit organization founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University in 2012. It offers more than 3,000 online courses. Details تفاصيل

  • Kaya

    • 450+ courses • University Courses, Personal Development Kaya is a free, global online learning platform specifically designed to provide courses for those working in the humanitarian sector. Details تفاصيل
  • Skillshare courses منصة سكيلشير


    • 1000+ courses • Personal Development Skillshare is an online “learning community” that offers thousands of courses for people who want to acquire new skills or hone existing ones in creative fields. Details تفاصيل
  • Khab Academy online courses

    Khan Academy

    • 10,000+ courses • Professional Advancement, Personal Development The popular online learning site offers classes for 18 million learners worldwide studying in more than 40 languages, including Arabic. Details تفاصيل
  • Hsoub academy online courses

    Hsoub Academy

    • 5+ courses • Technical Certificate, Professional Advancement, Personal Development Hsoub Academy provides comprehensive courses in topics like programming and building web and mobile applications. Details تفاصيل

  • Udemy

    • 32,000+ courses • Personal Development Classes on Udemy are mainly practical and job-related rather than academic, though students can find courses that expand their knowledge of an academic subject.  Details تفاصيل
  • Stanford online courses and programs

    Stanford Online

    • 240+ courses • University Courses, Technical Certificate, Personal Development Stanford Online by Stanford University offers individual, free online courses, as well as more specialized education programs that have admission requirements and tuition costs. Details تفاصيل
  • LinkedIn learning online courses logo

    LinkedIn Learning

    • 5,000+ courses • Technical Certificate, Professional Advancement, Personal Development LinkedIn Learning, formerly, provides online courses on job-related software, technology, creative, artistic and self-developmental skills rather than academic topics. Details تفاصيل
  • Tabshoura Plus online courses

    Tabshoura Plus

    • 45+ courses • Personal Development Tabshoura Plus, an initiative of Lebanese Alternative Learning (LAL), provides free online courses in diverse fields, including art, environment, civic awareness, learning disabilities and more. Details تفاصيل

  • MIT OpenCourseWare

    • 2000+ courses • University Courses An initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that aims to make high-quality courses available free to anyone anywhere. Details تفاصيل
  • codecademy online learning courses


    • 70+ courses • Technical Certificate, Professional Advancement An interactive platform that offers accessible, affordable, and quality computer programming education to promising coders all over the globe. Details تفاصيل
  • Alison online courses


    • 1500+ courses A for-profit social enterprise dedicated to delivering free basic education and skills training online for everyone. Details تفاصيل

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