/ 12 Sep 2017

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Monitoring Quality in Arab Higher Education



The Higher Education Council of Syria grants licenses to public and private universities and other higher-education institutions. The council works under the supervision of the Higher Education Ministry. The Ministry of Industry is responsible for granting licenses to technical institutions.

After the council approves a university’s application for a license, the application is reviewed by the Ministry of Higher Education, then approved by the Council of Ministers, a presidential-level body, and the country’s president.

The Council has the right to review the following matters before granting a license for a higher-education institution to operate (for further details of the regulations, click here):

  • The location of the new university
  • The university’s buildings and infrastructure, such as laboratories, libraries, and classrooms
  • The academic disciplines offered by the university
  • The university’s budget
  • The university’s board members
  • The university’s curriculum for all disciplines, working hours, study’s terms and examination dates

The council can cancel a university’s license at any time if it does not maintain the required conditions. The council has a committee to monitor universities’ performance and has, on occasion, revoked licenses.

The Center For Measurement & Evaluation In Higher Education is responsible for monitoring quality and checking higher-education outcomes. The center is also responsible for the professional development of the Higher Education Ministry’s staff.

No clear mechanism has been established to prevent conflicts of interest and corruption in education, an Al-Fanar Media examination of laws and regulations and consultations with experts found.

Seven public universities and 20 private universities operate in Syria, according to 2016 statistics from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. There are also 193 public technical and vocational institutes.




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