Editorial Policy

In line with standard, international and industry-wide practice and the policies of major respected news organizations, Al-Fanar Media does not submit stories, scripts or images to sources to vet before publication as such a practice would jeopardize its independence. Still, A-Fanar Media might opt to check back with a source to verify a quote or check some information. But we do not accept revisions that tone down or backtrack on previous statements. When it comes to coverage of highly controversial or politically charged topics, it is ethically dubious for a news outlet to allow sources to change their original statements. It should be stressed that our reporters are never trying to catch sources off guard or misrepresent their perspectives. We strive to deal with our sources in a straightforward, honest manner with the paramount goal of accuracy.

Sources who feel a reporter may not have understood their perspective should contact that reporter or the editors immediately to clarify their point of view. In addition, our comments section is available to all sources and readers who wish to add additional information or perspectives to our stories. We also occasionally publish letters to the editor.
Our policy is line with other international news outlets and wire services.

The Guardian’s editorial guidebook declares a prevailing rule that no source should be allowed to approve quotes or copy. On the rare occasion the newspaper does send quotes to a source, the guidebook makes it clear that The Guardian is not obliged to make any changes if requested to do so.

The Reuters rulebook takes a similar position, stating that stories are never to be sent to sources before publication. While occasionally reporters may check quotes with sources, the rulebook stresses this is at the discretion of the reporter. Reuters says its reporters should resist such requests from sources.

Publishing Commentaries:

Al-Fanar Media is seeking well-written commentary for our Opinion pages. All pieces  published in Arabic and English are edited into an engaging journalistic format. We believe that public debate is enriched by the experience, knowledge and ideas that academics and educators have to share. Still, All opinions expressed in any commentaries are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Al-Fanar Media.

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