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Employment Gender

Tunisian and Jordanian Women: Common on Campus, Rare in the Workplace

Aya Alayan, Ibtissem Jamel | 05 May 2015

In Tunisia and Jordan, women find it easy to enter university gates, but hard to get past office doors.


Student Suicides Surge in Tunisia

Khaoula Sliti | 05 May 2015

Experts are chalking up the apparent increase in the number of student suicides in Tunisia to fear, discouragement and the inability to dream of a better future.

Democracy Research Students

Arab Youth Doubt Democracy Will Be Delivered

Benjamin Plackett | 28 Apr 2015

Findings from a region-wide survey reveal the hopes and concerns of university-age adults.

Curriculum Students

Law Students Get Practice in an International Competition

Eman Kamel | 19 Apr 2015

Teams from eight Arab universities met in Doha to compete in a regional contest.

Scholarships Students Study Abroad Technology & Online Learning

How to Avoid Getting Cheated by Phony Scholarships

Benjamin Plackett | 24 Feb 2015

Fraudulent universities use fake scholarships as bait to lure unsuspecting students to part with their money. Here’s how to protect yourself.


In Tunisia, a Strange Case of Switched Scores

Khaoula Sliti | 14 Feb 2015

The tale of a student who one day thought she was going to university and then realized that world was probably shut off to her forever.

Politics Students

Tunisia’s Student Unions Should Stay Out of Politics

Mohamed Abdel Salam | 28 Jan 2015

Tunisian student unions need to fight for on-campus freedoms of their members and avoid national politics, the author argues.

Standardized Tests Technology & Online Learning

Looking at Arab Education Through PISA Tests

| 03 Dec 2014

A global test used in 65 territories and countries, four of them Arab, provides insights that education policymakers could use.

Social Sciences

Arab Uprisings Echo in the Social Sciences

Sarah Lynch | 20 Oct 2014

As social scientists seek to understand the “Arab spring” and its political wake, they are also taking a fresh look at their disciplines.

Development Health & Medicine Research

Arab Health Research Should Keep Pace With Changing Demands

| 26 Sep 2014

Scientists need to follow the shift from infectious diseases to chronic conditions.

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