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Science Teaching

How to Break the Informal Ban on Studying Evolution

Benjamin Plackett | 07 Apr 2016

Despite the strong bias in many Arab countries against the study of evolution, some scientists find a way. Their secret? Strong patrons.


Eastern Germany, Through Egyptian Eyes

Eman Kamel | 06 Apr 2016

From a trip to Germany, a Qatar-based writer got a fresh perspective on how scientists can work together to achieve their goals.


Farm Workers, Unaware of Risks, Are Exposed to Pesticides

Benjamin Plackett | 18 Mar 2016

A survey of farm workers in Qatar revealed their vulnerability to illnesses caused by the mishandling of pesticides.

Health & Medicine

New Medical School May Remedy Qatar’s Doctor Shortage

Eman Kamel | 09 Mar 2016

Qatar University has opened a medical school, as the country grapples with a shortage of physicians.


Researcher in Qatar Scrambles To Document Early Doha

Benjamin Plackett | 20 Feb 2016

Little traditional Qatari architecture remains, but one social scientist is trying to document it.

Health & Medicine Research

Researchers Search Arabian Waters For Cancer Treatments

Benjamin Plackett | 10 Feb 2016

Experts think sponges may contain compounds that could halt the growth of cancer cells.

Health & Medicine Research

Qatar Spends Heavily on Drug Research, Seeking a Knowledge Economy

Benjamin Plackett | 28 Jan 2016

The research output at Qatar University’s College of Pharmacy has rapidly grown, but experts remain cautious about the emirate’s pharmaceutical industry.


Global Education Challenges: The Arab World is Not Alone

Eman Kamel | 13 Nov 2015

At the annual WISE conference, in Qatar, discussions about the global future of education often used rhetoric that would ring familiar to Middle Eastern educators.

Studying Gulf Countries, their Influence and Divides

Ursula Lindsey | 09 Nov 2015

A new academic publication at the University of Oxford is taking an interdisciplinary look at the countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council.


General Education: Top-Down Support Needed for Bottom-Up Change

Eman Kamel | 22 Oct 2015

A new group devoted to improving the core-curricula in Arab universities held its first meeting.

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