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How to Avoid Getting Cheated by Phony Scholarships

Benjamin Plackett | 24 Feb 2015

Fraudulent universities use fake scholarships as bait to lure unsuspecting students to part with their money. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Accreditation Quality Control Students Technology & Online Learning

Faking Quality Control for Universities

Benjamin Plackett | 24 Feb 2015

An international organization that uses the term “accreditation” provides little of it, leaving students in the lurch.

Conflict Students

For Gaza’s New Academic Year, A Fitful Start

| 05 Oct 2014

All the territory’s universities have opened in spite of the devastation of the 50-day war. But it’s not class as usual.


As the School Year Starts, Many Refugees are Shut Out

| 15 Sep 2014

As conflict arcs through a cluster of Arab countries, a whole generation may be sidelined from education.

Conflict Research

Gaza Conflict Drives Support to Academic Boycott of Israel

Benjamin Plackett | 19 Aug 2014

Since the latest fighting began, the number of academics supporting a boycott of Israeli universities has jumped.


Science in the Midst of the Gaza Conflict

Benjamin Plackett | 15 Aug 2014

An Israeli and a Palestinian scientist reflect on their joint effort to help young adults with cerebral palsy.


A Gaza Vocational College Devastated by the War

| 07 Aug 2014

The University College of Applied Sciences, a prominent Gaza vocational education institution, has lost many of its buildings and all of its main utility systems.


Educational Toll of Gaza War: At Least 3 Universities, 148 Schools

| 03 Aug 2014

Contrary to international principles, schools and universities are sometimes the focus of military actions in the Gaza conflict.

Finances Students Study Abroad

Students Turn to Donors on the Internet

Mohamed Elmeshad | 26 Apr 2014

Those who need help financing their education are sometimes turning to “crowdfunding” instead of scholarships.

Applicants Needed for Education-Journalism Program

Rasha Faek | 10 Apr 2014

Al-Fanar Media is seeking 60 early and mid-career journalists to participate in a program aimed at improving education journalism in the Arab world.

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