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Curriculum Students

Law Students Get Practice in an International Competition

Eman Kamel | 19 Apr 2015

Teams from eight Arab universities met in Doha to compete in a regional contest.

Vocational Education

Adult Education to Get an Overhaul in Palestine

Thaer Thabet | 02 Apr 2015

Palestinian adult education is a busy but somewhat chaotic enterprise. The government now seeks to get it organized.


A Palestinian Journey: A Student Discovers New Freedoms

Asma' Jawabreh | 18 Mar 2015

A student brought up in a refugee camp encounters life without restrictions, and contemplates its meaning.


The Arab World Lags Behind in the ‘Green’ Universities Movement

Wagdy Sawahel | 03 Mar 2015

Jordan leads the Arab region in having environmentally conscious higher-education institutions.

Scholarships Students Study Abroad Technology & Online Learning

How to Avoid Getting Cheated by Phony Scholarships

Benjamin Plackett | 24 Feb 2015

Fraudulent universities use fake scholarships as bait to lure unsuspecting students to part with their money. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Accreditation Quality Control Students Technology & Online Learning

Faking Quality Control for Universities

Benjamin Plackett | 24 Feb 2015

An international organization that uses the term “accreditation” provides little of it, leaving students in the lurch.

Conflict Students

For Gaza’s New Academic Year, A Fitful Start

| 05 Oct 2014

All the territory’s universities have opened in spite of the devastation of the 50-day war. But it’s not class as usual.


As the School Year Starts, Many Refugees are Shut Out

| 15 Sep 2014

As conflict arcs through a cluster of Arab countries, a whole generation may be sidelined from education.

Conflict Research

Gaza Conflict Drives Support to Academic Boycott of Israel

Benjamin Plackett | 19 Aug 2014

Since the latest fighting began, the number of academics supporting a boycott of Israeli universities has jumped.


Science in the Midst of the Gaza Conflict

Benjamin Plackett | 15 Aug 2014

An Israeli and a Palestinian scientist reflect on their joint effort to help young adults with cerebral palsy.

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