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A New Moroccan University Press Aims to “Open Windows in People’s Minds”

Ursula Lindsey | 08 Dec 2015

The first volume of a new press provides an introduction to exceptional scholars whose work seeks to engage the public.

Employment Vocational Education

Vocational Education: No Instant Cure

Khalid Aitnasser | 20 Nov 2015

Morocco’s situation shows how vocational education does not necessarily yield the results that some advocates have hoped for.

Health & Medicine Politics Protests Students

Moroccan Medical Students Block Imposition of Compulsory Work

Khalid Aitnasser | 10 Nov 2015

Medical students’ protests stopped the Ministry of Health’s attempt to make it mandatory for students to work in remote areas after graduation.

Academic Freedom Faculty Human Rights

An Academic’s Hunger Strike for Freedom of Speech

Ursula Lindsey | 19 Oct 2015

A Moroccan intellectual has stopped eating, saying the government has blocked him from leaving the country.

Protests Students

Students Protests for Western Sahara Independence Draw Crackdowns

Brennan Weiss | 06 Oct 2015

Students who publicly support the independence of the disputed territory say they face harsh retaliation and discrimination.

Libraries Students

Tangier Library Seeks a Strong But Subtle Social Role

Ida Sophie Winter | 07 Sep 2015

A small bookstore tries to convince Moroccan youth that books are not just for the intellectual elite.


A Busy Botanist Is a Force for Rural Development in Morocco

Ida Sophie Winter | 25 Aug 2015

Abderrahim Ouarghidi tries to help strengthen villages in rural Morocco by letting them decide what they need.


Many Moroccan Students Pursue Sex But Few Get Sex Education

Ida Sophie Winter | 17 Aug 2015

Young Moroccan men pursue pre-marital sex aggressively but often condemn women who have it. Both genders need better sex education, health officials say.

The Berber Language: Officially Recognized, Unofficially Marginalized?

| 27 Jul 2015

The language spoken by the Berbers was officially recognized in Morocco ten years ago. But its educational role is still in question.

Finances Students

Finding a Place to Sleep—a Challenge for Moroccan Students

Khalid Aitnasser | 13 Jul 2015

After being accepted by universities, Moroccan students then face a big obstacle: Finding housing.

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