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Times Higher Education Ranking Finds Growing Strengths

| 02 Oct 2014

A relatively obscure Moroccan institution is the Arab leader in the new THE ranking.

Development Health & Medicine Research

Arab Health Research Should Keep Pace With Changing Demands

| 26 Sep 2014

Scientists need to follow the shift from infectious diseases to chronic conditions.


One Solution for a “Water-Stressed” Future?

Benjamin Plackett | 30 Jul 2014

A Moroccan engineer says desalination plants could help a country with no oil but lots of coast and sunshine.


The Twin Missions of a Moroccan Scientist

Benjamin Plackett | 23 Jul 2014

A Moroccan scientist turned an endangered tree into a source of income for cooperatives of women that sell its oil.

Conflict Profiles

A Conversation With Morocco’s “Pushiest” University President

Benjamin Plackett | 12 Jul 2014

Morocco has a need for applied-science research, said Ibn Zohr University’s president.


Small Step In Curing the Big Unemployment Problem

Benjamin Plackett | 29 Jun 2014

One British university that is successful at getting its graduates jobs is touring the Arab world talking about its method.

Conflict Students

Politics Turn Violent on Moroccan Campuses

| 30 May 2014

Police are given easier access to Moroccan universities, following a fatal stabbing in Fez.

Applicants Needed for Education-Journalism Program

Rasha Faek | 10 Apr 2014

Al-Fanar Media is seeking 60 early and mid-career journalists to participate in a program aimed at improving education journalism in the Arab world.


A Step Toward Employment: Career Centers

Sarah Lynch | 04 Apr 2014

Some universities are helping students think about their future jobs and learn the skills they need to get them.

Academic Freedom Critical Thinking Religion Research

Do Human Evolution and Islam Conflict in the Classroom?

Sadia Khatri | 24 Mar 2014

A Moroccan professor who has taught evolution says she is a rarity in the country, an example of a broader debate.

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