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Internationalization Research

Seeking Soft Power, China Expands Activities in Arab Higher Education

Wagdy Sawahel | 01 Feb 2016

A policy paper from the Chinese government on the Arab world proposes broad educational cooperation.

Conflict Curriculum Gender

Save Jordan from a Curriculum That Promotes Division and Ignorance

Rana Sabbagh | 20 Jan 2016

In an open appeal to the Jordanian King, the writer explains the importance of reviewing the curriculum in the Kingdom, which is full of exclusionary ideology.


Jordanian Researcher Hopes To Create Wearable Medical Technology

Benjamin Plackett | 18 Jan 2016

One researcher is trying to marry textiles and electronics to improve medical data collection.

Employment Students

The German Jordanian University Seeks to Prepare Graduates for Global Employment

Benjamin Plackett | 13 Jan 2016

A joint project of the German and Jordanian governments creates tri-lingual students with internship experience who regularly land jobs.

Curriculum Faculty Refugees Students

2016 Prediction: Individuals Not Governments Spur Educational Change

Rasha Faek | 13 Jan 2016

With the chances low for real change in educational policies in the region, the author believes informal initiatives may make an important difference.

Research Science

Online Event About Evolution for Arabic Readers is Shut Down

Gilgamesh Nabeel | 10 Dec 2015

Fourteen Arab groups organized an online event to help explain evolution, but the event appears to have been a cyber-attack victim.


A Jordanian Researcher Advocates For Natural Pest Control

Benjamin Plackett | 07 Dec 2015

A scientist fights for her field of research—the biological control of crop pests—to be taken seriously in the Arab region.

Predatory Journals Lure In Arab Researchers

Benjamin Plackett | 12 Oct 2015

Journals recruit Arab academics keen to see their work published. But what is a real journal anyway?

Gender Students

Survey Finds Frequent Sexual Harassment on Jordan’s Campuses

Saba Abu Farha | 22 Sep 2015

An informal poll of female students in Jordan suggests sexual harassment is a widespread problem.


In Jordan, Poor Transportation is a Drag on Education

Dana Gibreel | 15 Sep 2015

The public-transportation system in the Kingdom is a discouraging barrier for students, making them miss lectures and exams.

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