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Awaiting Asylum in France, Iraqi Student’s Doctoral Plans Are On Hold

Aida Alami | 22 Jul 2016

Language barriers, financial struggles and long waits for asylum applications translate into frustrating limbo.


Displaced Iraqi Students Struggle to Continue their Studies

Abd Al Rasheed Al Salih | 21 Jul 2016

Amid violence and military operations, students and universities in Iraq look for ways to carry on.

Quality Control

The Paradox of Higher Education in MENA

Shanta Devarajan | 30 Jun 2016

To improve higher education in the Middle East and North Africa, the writer urges a shift in the focus of education away from public-sector jobs.

Employment Refugees

Profiles of the Displaced: Iraqi Doctor in Jordan

Gilgamesh Nabeel | 29 Jun 2016

Graduates forced to leave war-torn countries find delays and frustration in their path to jobs.


Iraqi Career Centers Try to Steer Students to Jobs

Gilgamesh Nabeel | 31 May 2016

With job opportunities shrinking, campus-based career centers are helping graduates’ to get the employment that does exist.

Employment Politics

Higher Education Could Support Kurdistan’s Economic Recovery

Lori Mason | 19 May 2016

A region once considered Iraq’s success story has fallen down into troubled times. Higher education could help it climb back up.

Quality Control

Who Defines “Excellence” in Education? And How?

Clara Morgan | 13 May 2016

A more inclusive approach to improving educational quality in the Arab region could be the best solution.

Refugees Students

Study Explores the Deep Frustrations of Arab Youth

Rasha Faek | 25 Apr 2016

A new study found the refugee crisis isn’t just hurting young refugees—it is pushing an entire generation of Arab youth toward hopelessness.

Architecture Faculty

Zaha Hadid: Architect and Mentor

Paul Ames | 04 Apr 2016

The appreciation that has flowed for the Baghdad-born architect and her buildings has often neglected the time that she has spent teaching.


Czech Scholars Chart the Destruction of Mosul Heritage

Gilgamesh Nabeel | 15 Mar 2016

Using techniques as varied as satellite imagery and social media, a group of Czech scholars is documenting the lost heritage of the Iraqi city.

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