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Conflict Students

Amid More Violence, Egyptian Universities’ Independence Questioned

Sarah Lynch | 02 Apr 2014

Blasts aimed at police rocked Cairo University: The ongoing violence is a threat to university freedom, experts said.


How Higher Education Can Help End Sexual Harassment

Mahmoud Salem | 25 Mar 2014

In the wake of a widely publicized sexual-harassment incident on an Egyptian campus, the author proposes a way to ease the problem.


Take Advantage of Open-Access Publishing

Maha Bali | 25 Mar 2014

Researchers can broaden the benefits of research with new forms of online publication, the author says.

Curriculum Employment Students

An Egyptian Nursing Institute Redefines the Profession

Sarah Lynch | 24 Mar 2014

A small school seeks to create nurses who are leaders and thinkers and improve attitudes about those who do much of the patient care.

Survey Series Examines Arab Attitudes to Media

| 11 Mar 2014

Those responding to one survey said they want to express opinions online freely but also called for stronger Internet regulation.

Academic Freedom Conflict

Education under Attack: Eight Arab Countries Affected

Rasha Faek | 09 Mar 2014

A new report documents the effects of armed conflict on schools, universities and those who work and study at them.

Academic Freedom

Egyptian Court Puts Police Back on Campus

| 25 Feb 2014

More signs are emerging of diminishing academic freedom: One of the crackdown’s most prominent targets speaks out.

Employment Students

An Arab “Learning Barometer” Sounds an Alarm

Sarah Lynch | 11 Feb 2014

A report and an accompanying interactive tool reveal the lack of basic education in much of the Arab world.


A Costly “Free” Education

Bassem Youssef | 05 Feb 2014

The tale of Ismail, a medical student who gradually discovers the many expenses that come with his state-funded education.

Education and Egypt’s New Constitution

Isobel Coleman | 30 Jan 2014

The controversial new Egyptian constitution has little-noticed provisions on education that should be supported, says Isobel Coleman.

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