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Don’t Let Egyptian University Appointments Become a Political Game

Ahmed Abd Rabou | 16 Jul 2014

Egyptian President’s plans to appoint university heads is a total abuse of the constitution, the author argues.


Cairo University to Give $2.8 Million to a Presidential Fund

Nadine El Sayed | 03 Jul 2014

A generous donation by Cairo University to “Long Live Egypt” fund leaves students and professors puzzled

Students Study Abroad

German Education: A Hidden Gem?

Sarah Lynch | 27 Jun 2014

For many Arab students, particularly those seeking master’s and doctoral degrees, Germany is an attractive, affordable destination.

Academic Freedom Administration Politics

Egyptian President to Appoint Key University Administrators

Nadine El Sayed, Sarah Lynch | 27 Jun 2014

The new Egyptian leader is going to make even more academic appointments than former president Hosni Mubarak did.


Universities Seek to Build Life-Long Networks

Sarah Lynch | 25 Jun 2014

Alumni relations, both as a first step to fundraising and a tool to keep universities broadly connected, is growing more sophisticated.


Feisty Student Publication Defies Censorship in Egypt

Nadine El Sayed | 24 Jun 2014

The Insider student newspaper gives students a voice at 10 universities, although it is sometimes at odds with administrators.


In Egypt, the Failure of Privatizing Education

Amal Abou-Setta | 02 Jun 2014

In the wake of the Egyptian elections, the author argues that the government is headed in the wrong direction in education.

Students Study Abroad

Want a Master’s Degree in the U.K.? Think “Chevening”

| 19 May 2014

Arab students say one of the most generous U.K, scholarship programs can also be a challenge to take advantage of.


In Egypt, Protests Spread to Private Universities

| 12 May 2014

Two American University of Cairo students were sentenced to five-year jail terms as the cycle of demonstrations and government crackdowns keeps spinning.

Behind “Students Against the Coup”

Sarah Lynch | 22 Apr 2014

In Egypt, members of a protest movement say they just want democracy.

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