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Administration Education Reform

A Disappointing Education Event

Amal Abou-Setta | 20 Nov 2014

An educational researcher says she was promised solutions, but left without hearing any.

Critical Thinking

Educators as Citizens and Citizenship Teachers

Maha Bali | 02 Nov 2014

How do professors working in failed or failing states teach and learn about “critical citizenship?” One group of faculty members has started a conversation on that subject.


A Conversation With the New President of Menoufia University

Mohamed Elmeshad | 28 Oct 2014

Moawaad Mohammed Al Kholi talks about some of the higher-education issues in the news, and other important ones that are not.

Illiteracy: A Stubborn Problem in Many Arab Countries

Rasha Faek, Sarah Lynch | 27 Oct 2014

In Egypt, Yemen, Morocco, and South Sudan, more than one quarter of the population is illiterate.

Social Sciences

Arab Uprisings Echo in the Social Sciences

Sarah Lynch | 20 Oct 2014

As social scientists seek to understand the “Arab spring” and its political wake, they are also taking a fresh look at their disciplines.

Academic Freedom Conflict

Egypt’s Universities Expected Trouble. They Got It

| 17 Oct 2014

The academic year is off to a rough start in Egypt, with arrests, protests, injuries, and long waits in security lines.

With Free Universities, Germany Sets a Good Example for Egypt

Amal Abou-Setta | 17 Oct 2014

With the end of tuition this month in one German state, the country’s higher education is entirely free. That is a model for Egypt, the author says.

Critical Thinking Liberal Arts Profiles

A Conversation With the New AUC Provost: Rebuilding the Basics

Sarah Lynch | 10 Oct 2014

Mahmoud El-Gamal talks about how he hopes to strengthen the core of liberal arts education at the American University in Cairo.


The Stupor of Rhinos and the Emigration of Birds

Belal Fadl | 10 Oct 2014

Some of the best Egyptian minds are fleeing the country at a time when the country needs them most, the author argues.

Academic Freedom Campus Security Protests

Egypt’s Universities Step Up Security to Avoid Unrest

| 30 Sep 2014

In preparation for the academic year, Egyptian public universities are tightening physical security at their campuses.

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