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Feisty Student Publication Defies Censorship in Egypt

Nadine El Sayed | 24 Jun 2014

The Insider student newspaper gives students a voice at 10 universities, although it is sometimes at odds with administrators.


In Egypt, the Failure of Privatizing Education

Amal Abou-Setta | 02 Jun 2014

In the wake of the Egyptian elections, the author argues that the government is headed in the wrong direction in education.

Students Study Abroad

Want a Master’s Degree in the U.K.? Think “Chevening”

| 19 May 2014

Arab students say one of the most generous U.K, scholarship programs can also be a challenge to take advantage of.


In Egypt, Protests Spread to Private Universities

| 12 May 2014

Two American University of Cairo students were sentenced to five-year jail terms as the cycle of demonstrations and government crackdowns keeps spinning.

Behind “Students Against the Coup”

Sarah Lynch | 22 Apr 2014

In Egypt, members of a protest movement say they just want democracy.

The Power of Social Media for the Semi-Privileged

Maha Bali | 19 Apr 2014

A Cairo academic reflects on how online tools keep her connected globally with her peers.


Population Growth Compounds Climate Change

Emma Gatten | 14 Apr 2014

In Egypt and Lebanon, population growth is exacerbating food and water shortages.

Critical Thinking Finances Internationalization Students

A Path Into Elite U.S. Universities for a Few Arab Students

Sarah Lynch | 14 Apr 2014

A handful of American institutions consider international applicants without checking their finances.


A Step Toward Employment: Career Centers

Sarah Lynch | 04 Apr 2014

Some universities are helping students think about their future jobs and learn the skills they need to get them.

Conflict Students

Amid More Violence, Egyptian Universities’ Independence Questioned

Sarah Lynch | 02 Apr 2014

Blasts aimed at police rocked Cairo University: The ongoing violence is a threat to university freedom, experts said.

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