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What is the Outlook for the Academic Year in Egypt?

Ahmed Abd Rabou | 28 Sep 2014

The new academic year brings more anxiety for Egyptian professors and students facing an uncertain future.

Development Health & Medicine Research

Arab Health Research Should Keep Pace With Changing Demands

| 26 Sep 2014

Scientists need to follow the shift from infectious diseases to chronic conditions.


As the School Year Starts, Many Refugees are Shut Out

| 15 Sep 2014

As conflict arcs through a cluster of Arab countries, a whole generation may be sidelined from education.

Academic Freedom Administration Politics

The Man in Cairo University’s Hot Seat

Mohamed Elmeshad | 12 Sep 2014

The president of one of the largest universities in the world came into power during one of the institution’s most difficult times.

Cairo University Bans Politically Affiliated Student Groups

Sarah Lynch | 02 Sep 2014

The president of Cairo University announces that political student activities and groups have to stay off campus.


Arab Students Grow Community Roots with “Service Learning”

Sarah Lynch | 29 Aug 2014

Some educators argue students can systematically blend community work with classroom experience to broaden the knowledge they get.

Legal Sword Hangs Over the Heads of Egyptian NGOs

Sarah Lynch | 15 Aug 2014

Independent civil-society organizations, already feeling cramped in the wake of police raids and prosecutions in recent years, face a new threat.


New Answer for the “Free” Education Debate?

Mahmoud Salem | 14 Aug 2014

As the sixty-year-old Egyptian system theoretically allowing universal access to universities breaks down, there’s one possible solution, says the author.


Cairo University’s New Sexual Harassment Policy a Novelty in the Region

Sarah Lynch | 21 Jul 2014

Cairo University adopted an anti-sexual-harassment policy to be put into effect next semester.

Academic Freedom Administration Politics

Don’t Let Egyptian University Appointments Become a Political Game

Ahmed Abd Rabou | 16 Jul 2014

Egyptian President’s plans to appoint university heads is a total abuse of the constitution, the author argues.

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