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جميع مشاركات هذا المساهم

Internationalization Politics

Ambitious But Secretive Arab Education Provider: Iran

Wagdy Sawahel | 21 Mar 2017

Iranian universities are reaching out to the Arab world but are silent about their motives, creating suspicion in many quarters.

Administration Politics Quality Control

Academics Uneasy About Honorary Degrees for Rulers

Wagdy Sawahel | 03 Feb 2017

Awarding symbolic doctorates to political rulers has a long and controversial history at Arab Universities.

Administration Libraries Research Technology & Online Learning

Collaboration Is the Future for Arab University Libraries

Wagdy Sawahel | 09 Jan 2017

Academic libraries in the Arab world are discovering the benefits of working together in consortia.

Quality Control

New Report Strikes an Optimistic Note on Arab Education

Wagdy Sawahel | 11 Nov 2016

The U.K.-based Commonwealth Secretariat ranks Arab countries as doing fairly well on Arab educational development, compared to their international peers.


Arab Universities on the Road to Virtual Reality

Wagdy Sawahel | 30 Oct 2016

The movement toward using the illusions of three-dimensional realities created with computers in education and research is gaining traction in the Arab world.

Internationalization Research

Seeking Soft Power, China Expands Activities in Arab Higher Education

Wagdy Sawahel | 01 Feb 2016

A policy paper from the Chinese government on the Arab world proposes broad educational cooperation.

Academic Freedom Conflict Students

Report Says 2015 Was a Bad Year for Egyptian Students’ Freedom

Wagdy Sawahel | 18 Jan 2016

A new infographic details what one organization says were numerous instances in which Egyptian students were expelled, imprisoned and killed illegally.

Technology & Online Learning

Arab Universities Are Vulnerable to Cyberattacks, Experts Say

Wagdy Sawahel | 14 Dec 2015

A new report and interviews with experts indicate Arab universities need to step up their protection against Internet invasions.

Students Study Abroad

Many Arab Students Go to the U.S., But Rarely is the Reverse True

Wagdy Sawahel | 27 Nov 2015

Arab college students contribute billions to U.S. economy, while few American students venture to the region.


Arab Countries Last in Global Test of English Proficiency

Wagdy Sawahel | 23 Nov 2015

In English skills, young people in the Arab world lag behind previous generations, and the region generally ranks poorly in English proficiency. The reasons why are complex.

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