Toufik Bougaada

Toufik Bougaada

Toufik is an Algerian journalist based in Algeria.

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جميع مشاركات هذا المساهم


Two Parallel Universes In Algerian Education

Toufik Bougaada | 16 Aug 2016

Students are protesting the confused route to master’s and doctoral degrees in the North African country.

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In Algeria, Heavy Backpacks Hurt Schoolchildren’s Health

Toufik Bougaada | 02 Apr 2015

Students get scoliosis—and sometimes stop going to school—because they carry a lot of thick textbooks.


Oil’s Price Drop Drags Algerian Schoolteachers Down Too

Toufik Bougaada | 15 Feb 2015

With price of oil at its lowest in five years, Algerian school teachers are already feeling the pinch.

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