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مقالات وقصص أخرى

School Started by Refugee Students Now One of Uganda’s Best

Tonny Onyulo / 09 Aug 2018 / News

A handful of young refugees created Coburwas nearly a decade ago. Today it’s recognized as one of the top-performing schools in Uganda.

Refugee Students’ Success in Kenya Inspires Others

Tonny Onyulo / 03 Apr 2018 / News

Despite the challenges of being displaced and studying in ill-equipped schools, refugee youth perform well in Kenya’s national exams.

Kenya’s Changes in Refugee Schools Lead to Boycotts

Tonny Onyulo / 29 Mar 2018 / News

Parents resist a plan to replace refugee teachers with state-registered ones. They also worry they’ll be charged new fees.

A Refugee Camp’s Teachers Get Some Welcome Global Support

John Dyer, Tonny Onyulo / 04 Mar 2018 / News

A training and mentoring program helps make them better teachers and gives them new confidence.

In a Refugee Camp, Classrooms Open Up to Somali Girls

Tonny Onyulo / 05 Dec 2017 / News

Displaced from their homeland, the girls are taking advantage of an opportunity to break with tradition and go to school.

Somalis Leaving Kenya Face Educational Roadblocks

Tonny Onyulo / 03 Dec 2017 / News

Young Somalis who have had to leave a refugee camp in Kenya to return home under controversial circumstances are not able to continue their education.

Drought in Somalia Drives Children from School

Tonny Onyulo / 29 Oct 2017 / News

Where food and water are scarce, children and families forego education to survive.

Strife in South Sudan Puts Children at Risk

Tonny Onyulo / 03 Oct 2017 / News

Thousands have been abducted to be soldiers in the nation’s civil war. Many more have fled to avoid that fate. Schools are being attacked.