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جميع مشاركات هذا المساهم

Faculty Quality Control Rankings

Arab Educators Favour an Arab University Ranking System, 7-1, in Poll

Tim Arlott | 28 May 2022

A debate during the Middle East Thought Leadership Forum, in London, heard opinions on both sides of the issue. Those in favour were in the majority.

Coronavirus Employment Gender Rankings Students

Women Make Rapid Gains in Saudi Workforce, Ambassador Says

Tim Arlott | 28 May 2022

Women’s participation in the Saudi workforce has reached 36 percent, surpassing the 30-percent goal set for 2030, the ambassador told a London forum.

Development Finances Inequality Internationalization Politics

Not Enough Philanthropists in the Arab World, Says Founder of the Alexandria Trust

Tim Arlott | 28 May 2022

Salah Khalil, a London-based Egyptian businessman and philanthropist, cites a mismatch between Arab wealth and Arab giving.

Development Internationalization Politics

Saudi University Comes in 4th Globally in Attaining U.N. Goals, Forum Hears

Tim Arlott | 27 May 2022

King Abdulaziz University’s achievement shows that universities can help meet the sustainable-development goals, education thought leaders are told.

Development Employment Internationalization Politics

Arab World Underinvests in Digital Economy, Says Arab Academic Leader

Tim Arlott | 26 May 2022

Arab countries must invest more in the digital economy, the head of the Association of Arab Universities told a London conference.

Schools Students

Schools Should Not Have Been Closed During the Pandemic, World Bank Official Says

Tim Arlott | 26 May 2022

Jamie Saavedra, the World Bank’s global director for education, and other speakers at a forum in London discussed the setbacks to learning caused by Covid-19.

Human Rights Inequality Students

Narrowing Education Equity Gaps: Experts Cite Examples That Show It’s Possible

Tim Arlott | 25 May 2022

The success of some countries’ policies to improve school access and performance shows that education equity can be achieved, a global forum is told.

Arts & Culture Development Literature & Translation Research

The Audiocasette’s Arrival in Egypt in the 1970s Unleashed Class Tensions

Tim Arlott | 09 Apr 2022

A new book by American academic Andrew Simon documents the explosive effect of the arrival of the audiocassette on Egyptian society in the 1970s and ’80s.

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