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Egypt Poised to Give Guards at Public Universities More Power

Mohamed Mahmoud, Sarah Lynch | 11 Sep 2013

The military-backed interim government wants to give guards on campuses the power to investigate allegations and turn evidence over to public prosecutors. Many fear the measure could cramp political and academic freedom.

Arts & Culture Conflict Research

Amid Political Chaos, Robbers Steal Egypt’s Heritage

Sarah Lynch | 05 Sep 2013

Bandits with 4-wheel drives and automatic weapons are overwhelming poorly guarded museums and archaeological sites and depriving Egyptians of the chance to fully understand their past.

Curriculum Liberal Arts

New Institute to Offer One-Year Dose of the Liberal Arts

Sarah Lynch | 14 Aug 2013

An unusual Cairo start-up offers intensive critical inquiry to help students discover their passions, sharpen their minds, and solve problems.


Expatriate-to-Emirati Switch Stuns Some UAE Academics

Sarah Lynch | 10 Jul 2013

The sudden replacement of five campus directors at the Higher Colleges of Technology is leaving many administrators wondering about their future.

Administration Employment Teaching Technology & Online Learning

A Second Chance for Many Arab Students

Emma Gatten, Rasha Faek, Sarah Lynch | 25 Jun 2013

Arab Open University blends online learning and classroom time to reach students who might not attend university otherwise.

Gender Human Rights Students

The Fight Against Sexual Harassment on Arab Campuses

Sarah Lynch | 11 May 2013

Women and sympathetic men are organizing against those who sexually harass others in the academic setting.

Administration Politics

UAE Higher-Education Power Shifts: Phase 2

Sarah Lynch | 16 Apr 2013

The president of the United Arab Emirates has appointed new heads of the three federal universities in a second phase of a higher-education governance shakeup.

Accreditation Quality Control

Does U.S. Accreditation Mean American-Style Academic Freedom?

Sarah Lynch | 03 Apr 2013

U.S. accreditation, a sought-after prize for some Arab universities, might get pulled when American values clash with those of countries where security concerns can override academic ones.

Teaching Entrepreneurship

Sarah Lynch | 04 Mar 2013

If Arab students can’t get jobs, they can create them. That is often the reasoning behind teaching entrepreneurship. How is it working out in Egypt?

Academic Freedom Human Rights

Dwindling Academic Freedom in the Emirates

Sarah Lynch | 03 Mar 2013

The Emirates aspire to be a cultural and academic hub. But critics say that shrinking rights of expression contradict that goal.

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